Steven Flex, Live from Shakedown 12/03/09

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“Shakedown is all about funky music, regardless of when it came out.” If you slept Fam Royal’s Shakedown Thursdays while in full swing, you missed out. But, that won’t stop you from enjoying the funk laid down there. We recorded nearly every nights sessions and will be releasing them here in the Fam Royal podcast. So, let’s get into it.

Steven Flex is bringing it this time, as he usually does. Recorded in December, this little snippet is heavy on the funk. Give it a listen and keep your ears peels cause Shakedown is coming back soon.

Don’t forget to check out the other gems dropped on the podcast here.

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Shakedown Vol.1 – Part 2: Myson King

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DJ Myson King bring you California Soul Pt II, a collection of soul tracks that helped inspire west coast hip hop.  The original California Soul mix was released about 6 years ago and was the first mix DJ Myson King made after moving to San Diego.  It’s only fitting bring the theme back for Shakedown. Be sure to come out to Shakedown and also look out for the re-release of California Soul.

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Steven Flex: San Diego History Mix (Vol.1)


I’ve been meaning to do this mix for awhile and now I finally got off my butt and did it. This is an all San Diego rap mix spanning the years 1988 to approximately 1998 give or take a year. Firstly I want to shout out Sunk Rock, check him out at The Community Service Radio… Oh and shoutout to Philly Phil (who’s should be doing an SD mix) for hooking me up with this first record on the mix.

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