• DJ
  • Visual Artist

Born at birth by a mother, L Dula Jenkins was raised in the west-side of the SD Bronx, (This is an inside term used for dudes in the know, in which LDula himself coined the term “SD Bronx”).  He started to DJ and is still trying to DJ since the 8th grade, still having skills issues though.  His pop’s use to play Spanish records as well as Country Western to lounge music along with International Philippine records while at a young age, (no wonder his musical taste is questionable)…  He also started watching Shaw Bros Kung Fu Flicks at an early age which led to another hardcore collecting habit, which came full circle with rough & rugged & Mr. Smith but that’s another story…   Then in the early 80’s older cousin & brother including neighbors got him listening to Bar-Kays, Cameo, Con-funk-Shun, Oneway, Skyy, Brick, Grand Master Flash & the Furious 5, Funky Four Plus 1, Afrika Bambatta & Soul Sonic force Sugar Hill Gang Zapp etc.  During that era he would walk around the mall or ride on somebody’s handle bars blasting out these tunes from his boom box etc…   He Also wished he could pop like the star city poppers or some twins from the SD Bronx but gave it up due to lack of skills and started playing Baseball and Football where he excelled in and let the music run to the way side a bit, until he got side tracked again in High School and started Spinning freestyle dance music (which he still enjoys), in which he contributes to buying records and which started him looking for rarer dance tunes…  Then some time just after high school he met a guy around the SD Bronx riding a PK Ripper (aka Phil K. or the CGK for Cool Guy Kosaka), at a local football game, and the guy riding the bike said “Yo you like BDP” and he was like “Yo that’s fresh for 86 U sukas”, so dude tossed a cassette to him with fresh rapps on it and they started listening and battled with there Star Wars action figure b-boys the same day and they formed a crew call the Designated Hittaz..  From that day on it was Graffiti, Hip Hop (will include Gangsta Rap), Body Boarding and still trying to DJ.  Then one day while doing graffiti with local vandals Ldula and the kid on the PK Ripper heard somebody say “yo I think so and so sampled that on this”…  Then began the trips to the Swap Meet, Thrift stores and then leading to Record Shows and making mixes that got put in Big Daddy Magazine which led to trading with cool record collectors from around the world, well maybe once or twice at least.  Then he got married to a wonderful woman who gave birth to his son’s, and bam Fam Royal history is made…