Matthew Fraynd

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Matthew Fraynd really knows how to deliver. A true entrepreneur with business savvy comparable to the heavy hitters beyond his years, Matthew has successfully created a name for himself as the go to nightlife liaison in San Diego’s sub-pop-culture scene. Starting Glory Bound from scratch, in just a few years Matthew has a amassed a cult like following while resurrecting once seedy dive bars into what are now San Diego’s top nightlife destinations. For Matthew, San Diego is only the beginning.

Glory Bound is one of Southern California’s fastest growing full service event production boutiques. Founded in 2006 by Matthew Fraynd, Glory Bound has wasted no time creating unparalleled experiences in and around the satellite cities of San Diego. By independently tailoring an event concept for each client, Glory Bound has developed a reputation for bolstering brand recognition and creating truly sensorial events. Specializing in event planning, promotions, and nightlife marketing, we at Glory Bound have no problem getting our hands dirty to create an unforgettable soiree.