Myson King

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DJ Myson King grew up in the Bay Area and has been djing since 1996. DJ Myson King’s love of music began in the 80’s and would be fed by listening to the radio non-stop or by digging through his parents old jazz and soul records. In 1989 he bought his first tape and from there, everything changed. The tape collection eventually turned to CDs, and in 1996 the CD players turned into turntables.

In 1998, DJ Myson King moved to Charlottesville, VA and took the town by storm. In addition to playing various colleges and bars weekly throughout Central VA, he also
hosted “Revolution 33.3” on WTJU 91.1. This was the area’s only daytime hip-hop radio show at the time. DJ Myson King also hosted an event called “Heads Up” which was the only event in the area to spotlight local underground DJs and MCs as well as regional talent. During this time, he also worked with and built friendships with many great artists including Unspoken Heard, Stacey Epps, and N.O.M.A.D.S.

Since moving to San Diego in 2003, DJ Myson King has continued to rock crowds with his mix of hip hop and soul. He has shared the stage with DJ Kool Herc, DJ Babu and ?uest Love as well as San Diego based acts Broken Dreams, Transfer, Able Minded Poets, Parker and the Numberman and others. In 2008, DJ Myson King helped establish a collection of artists and DJs called the Fam Royal Crew and our members can be found performing all over San Diego and beyond. You can see DJ Myson King live, playing regularly at Red C, Blue Foot Bar and Lounge, and Waterfront in San Diego, CA.

Recently seen at:

  • Bar Pink (San Diego CA)
  • Barbacoa (Boise ID)
  • Bluefoot Bar and Lounge (San Diego CA)
  • El Take It Easy (San Diego CA)
  • Harney Sushi (Oceanside CA)
  • Lafayette Poolside (San Diego CA)
  • Livewire (San Diego CA)
  • Mack & Charlie’s (Boise ID)
  • Madrone (San Francisco CA)
  • Red C (San Diego CA)
  • Searsucker (San Diego CA)
  • The Other Door (Hollywood CA)
  • Waterfront (San Diego CA)

Services: DJ Myson King offers a wide range of DJ services.

  • Bars/clubs – Venues looking for top notch DJ talent should book DJ Myson King. Being a great DJ requires more than just mixing, scratching or other technical skills. It is also important for a DJ to read the crowd and take them on a musical journey and at the end of the night have them asking when it is happening again. DJ Myson King is a master of mixing his musical taste, the venue’s musical wishes, and the crowd’s party desires into a flawless night of great music.
  • Private Events – DJ Myson King has been a mobile DJ for as long as he has been a bar and club DJ. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, high school reunion, art show or any other kind of event DJ Myson King has the experience and professionalism clients are looking for. With a full range of audio and visual equipment available, DJ Myson King combines the professionalism many club DJs do not bring to the mobile environment along with the current take on music that many mobile DJs lack.
  • Corporate Events – DJ Myson King is no stranger to corporate events. Whether it is a company party for employees or an event for clients during business hours, you can be sure the sounds provided by DJ Myson King will be top notch. Some previous clients include Shepard Fairey, Rachel Zoe, and Nordstrom. • • •