Parker And The Numberman

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At a time when many artists clog Twitter feeds and Facebook timelines with incessant, ALL CAPS self-promotion, Parker & The Numberman lay in the cut, quietly rebirthing the “cool.” It’s the same type of cool that Miles Davis fathered in 1957. It’s the type of cool that juggles clever rhymes and down-to-earth storytelling with visions of high art and experimental soundscapes. And it’s the type of cool that makes it all look effortless.

Parker & The Numberman are a hip-hop group consisting of rappers Parker Edison and 10-19 The Numberman and their DJ, Collagey. P+T have casually grabbed the attention of fans, critics, and veteran artists from different genres eager to work with the group.

That attention has already earned them accolades. In 2010 What About Your Block?—anchored by their paranoid, police-wary song and music video of the same name—was accepted into the New York International Film Festival.  And in 2012 they won  “Best Hip Hop Album of The Year” at the San Diego Music Awards  Across all their work, the group shows a knack for telling familiar stories in refreshing ways while exuding nonchalant confidence. It’s like they can’t help being naturally original.

Neither can they help their snowballing momentum. Parker & The Numberman’s name and music are already being passed around like San Diego’s best kept secret. But soon, everyone will be in on that secret too.