• DJ
  • Producer

W. Steele is a San Diego born DJ & producer. Steele got seriously involved with DJing and bought his 1st set of Technics back in ’96. Some of the things that drew him into the art was creating his own mix’s , using the turntables as an instrument instead of just a way to play music and also being able to find rare grooves on vinyl that weren’t available through other mediums . Less than a year later he got his first MPC and started working on making his own music.

In ’99 he decided to make the jump and move to the east coast to be closer to the birth place of hip hop. While there he learned how to hone his craft and rock for all different types of crowds at various venues and events as a DJ and producer. During that time he found himself in the studio with the likes of Pete Rock and Ge-ology as well working on projects for an upstate NY music collective known as Pitch Control Music.

Returning home to SD in ’06 he put production on the back burner and started DJing full time. Since being home he has played at venues all over the city from downtown to Pacifc Beach to North Park, including : Barley Mash, Bar West, Bar Dynamite, 4th & B, Bluefoot, The Office, U-31, Basic Urban Kitchen and Bar, The Local, El Camino, PB Bar & Grill, PB Shore Club, Bar Pink, West Coast Tavern, The Tavern in PB, Nicky Rottens, El Dorado, Bootlegger, Live Wire, Aubergine (now called Fluxx) , Se Hotel , The Fleetwood, Prospect Bar & Grill, Thruster’s, Sandbar & Pacific Beach Ale House.

W. Steele considers himself a well rounded open-format DJ. Although his emphasis is on party jams, he is well suited to play just about anything under the sun. There’s nothing more that he thrives on than being in the mix with a crowd that is hyped about what’s coming out of the system and is having a great time.