J.Blow – Summer EP

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The idea was simple – capture the vibe of summer. Initially conceived as a mixtape for FamRoyal.com, the project quickly snowballed into something greater. Being uninterested in the modern “mixtape” approach consisting of MCs jacking beats from the flavor of the moment radio hits, J.Blow decided to pursue a different route and collaborate with some of his favorite San Diego MCs over original cuts. Beats were crafted to set the vibe, then hand picked tracks were given out. The end result stood on it’s own so well J.Blow decided to scrap the mixtape idea all together and instead release the tracks as an EP. The result is the Summer EP. The Summer EP was produced by J.Blow and features; Bam Circa 86 (from Brother Nature), Brek One (from Broken Dreams), Moodswing King (from Broken Dreams), Parker Edison (from Parker & The Numberman), Real J. Wallace (of Brother Nature) and PCH (Piff California Herrera). Released September 02, 2011 Featuring;

All tracks produced by J.Blow for All Up In Your Earhole (ASCAP). Photograph by Jennifer Augustine

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