Broken Dreams was originally formed in early 1999 in San Diego, California through a collaboration between founding members MoodSwingKing and BrekOne. Although both members were influenced by many types of music, it was their shared interest in lyric-driven hip hop acts that helped inspire and shape the foundation of Broken Dreams current lyrical content. After experimenting with several producers over several years, Broken Dreams eventually linked up with C+Locious, who brought with him a soulful and sophisticated production sound that has become the backbone to Broken Dreams’ distinct style.

The past couple of years have seen a flurry of activity for the Broken Dreams posse: In 2008, Broken Dreams released the “Shift Pace to Make Cake” mixtape to much local acclaim. They quickly followed that up with the “Loose Leaves” EP and their debut LP “It’s All Happening” in 2009. Impressively, their prolific recording output has only outpaced by their constant stream of electrifying live shows across Southern California.

Indeed, coming from a backdrop where Gangsta Rap and Underground Hip Hop coexist in the same arena, Broken Dreams continues to embrace the clashing characteristics of their contemporaries, and stay on the grind in order to make their own mark in the industry.

MoodSwingKing: MC
BrekOne: MC


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