Feb 25th: Connect Four is BACK!

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Connect Four is coming to the Soda Bar with resident DJs Pnutz (Sun Dialect, S.D.T.I.), Steven Flex (Fam Royal, Designated Hittaz), Myson King (Fam Royal), and J. Blow (Fam Royal) plus weekly guests. Connect Four is a night dedicated to uniting the elements of Hip-Hop, featuring different artists; Emcee’s, B-boy/ B-girls, Graffiti, and DJs. Let’s come together for the love of what we do and celebrate the culture we were raised on, Hip-Hop culture. Lets come together to celebrate our talents and diversity!


Broken Dreams
PCH (Piff California Herrera)
bboy circle hosted by Mane One
Brisk doing live Graffiti
Live screenprinting by The Roots Factory

DJs; PNutz, Steven Flex, J.Blow, Myson King


Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Boulevard,
San Diego, CA 92104 – (619) 255-7224
21+ / 9PM / $5 Cover (FREE before 10)

Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams was originally formed in early 1999 in San Diego, California through a collaboration between founding members MoodSwingKing and BrekOne. Although both members were influenced by many types of music, it was their shared interest in lyric-driven hip hop acts that helped inspire and shape the foundation of Broken Dreams current lyrical content. After experimenting with several producers over several years, Broken Dreams eventually linked up with C+Locious, who brought with him a soulful and sophisticated production sound that has become the backbone to Broken Dreams’ distinct style.

PCH (Piff California Herrera)
Arguably one of the best emcee’s in the city as well as state, Piff’s delivery and lyricism is that of a genius. Piff is an emcee from Southeast SD with a dense stream-of-consciousness lyrical style like Nas or Rakim, flowing in and out of rhyme schemes with ease, mixing words of upliftment with like Leviathans, Satan, blunts, guns, and revolution. It’s the type of blend of high poetry, street slang, and verbal gymnastics that backpacking rap nerds like me just drool over. Everything from his rhyme schemes to wordplay to diction to story-telling ability is just so technically on-point, you know that he’s been studying the craft for years.

DJ Mane One
DJ Mane One has been in the dj scene since 1993 and continues bringing his old school vibe today, focusing his energies specifically on breakbeats dj for bboys and bgirls since 1997. Mane One is part of The Super B-Beat Show, the first B-Beat Show for Bboys and Bgirls bringing mixes and podcasts weekly. He continues to be an active member of the San Diego Hip Hop community making him the perfect fit for Connect Four.

Myson King
Myson King is a DJ that grew up in the Bay Area and has been DJing since 1996. Myson’s love of music began in the 80’s and would be fed by listening to the radio non-stop or by digging through his parents old jazz and soul records. In 1989 he bought his first tape (Young M.C. “Stone Cold Rhyming”) and from there, everything changed. The tape collection eventually turned to CDs, and in 1996 the CDs turned into turntables. He has shared the stage with DJ Kool Herc, DJ Babu and ?uest Love and also launched internet radio station www.PhatRadio.org.

If J.Blow were a set of kicks, he’d be Air Jordans: constantly evolving, respecting the old school, and all up in every jump off in town. Originally from Milwaukee, he’s been DJing and producing hip hop, funk and soul for more than 12 years, always leaving behind an aftermath of beat up speakers and shaken asses. If there’s a dance floor and people who love funky music, J.Blow is happy to blow up that spot dropping a classic record, a forgotten treasure, or one of his own special concoctions.

Steven Flex
After discovering hip hop and breaking at a young age Steven Flex and his older brother started to scratch on their parents home stereo – ruining plenty of records in the process. Steven Flex is a founding member/DJ of LPSD (who made the SD classic,”Back at Cha”) with Icy Lee, Black Ran, & King D. He also runs J&S Entertainment with his partner J Supreme (who released the CD “The EPS Chronicles” in 2006). Flex also reps the Designated Hittaz crew with DJ Phil, L Dula, Kid Dragon, and Shaw One. He also DJed at SD’s historic B Boy summits. Spinning on numerous radio stations he has done guest spots on mix shows for Power 106′s Friday Night Flavas with Mr Choc, C Minus & DJ Vice, and Z 90 with DJ Rags, J Nelson, and DJ Unique.

Miss PNutz spins an infinite number of musical styles, colors and flavors. Reigning as one of the queens of the San Diego underground, DJ PNutz’s musical influences are broad. She began her journey in 1999 and within a year was traveling to places like LA and Colorado to showcase her talents. With the help of Pnutz, San Diego Turntable Institution has hosted hands-on Dj instructional demonstrations at the Museum of Contemporary Arts La Jolla, M-Theory, Access Music and has been recognized in the Union Tribune and City Beat.

Roots Factory
The Mission of the The Roots Factory is to foster a space that promotes global consciousness through a message of peace, protest and collectivity by employing a provocative blend of cultural imagery and music. The Roots Factory is Design & Print House, Think Tank, Art Collective. Creating logo’s, t-shirt designs, posters, website design, custom printing, online / guerrilla marketing, and event planning, interactive art workshops. Here’s a few names of notable bands and businesses we’ve worked with in the past 3 years: Belly Up Tavern, MCASD, Voz Alta, Meriello Grafico, Agua Dulce, B Side Players, Isreal Maldonado, Sonido de la Frontera, and more….


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