Fam Royal is pleased to announce Broken DreamsGet Familiar Mixtape by J.Blow. Get Familiar is not a retrospective by any means, but  more of a primer for things to come. San Diego’s Broken Dreams is just getting started so here’s your chance to catch up. Get Familiar is an audio trip through past Broken Dreams albums (Loose Leaves, It’s All Happening, and Shift Pace To Make Cake), a sneak peek of some exclusive and upcoming tracks as well as a collection of a few unreleased tracks you definitely haven’t heard – all hand selected and weaved together by J.Blow.
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You can down two different versions of Get Familiar;

Download Single MP3 Version

Download Tracked Version (20 Tracks)


  1. Get Familiar (Unreleased – Produced by J.Blow)
  2. South Cali (from It’s All Happening 2009)
  3. We Get Down (from It’s All Happening 2009)
  4. Love (from upcoming 2010 album)
  5. Trainwreck (from Loose Leaves 2008)
  6. J.Blow’s Interlude 1
  7. Pirate Face (from Loose Leaves 2008)
  8. J.Blow’s Interlude 2
  9. Walkin With Friends (Unreleased)
  10. Bears And Bunnies (from upcoming 2010 album)
  11. J.Blow’s Interlude 3
  12. Hold You Down (from Shift Pace To Make Cake 2009 – Produced by Alchemist)
  13. Blind Truth (from upcoming 2010 album)
  14. Heartache (from It’s All Happening 2009)
  15. Summer (from It’s All Happening 2009)
  16. Keep It Moving (from Loose Leaves 2008)
  17. Sleep (Unreleased)
  18. Dial Tones (Unreleased)
  19. She Still Sucks (Unreleased)
  20. Outro

Broken Dreams is MoodSwingKing (MC), BrekOne (MC) and C+locious (Producer)
All tracks produced by C+locious unless otherwise noted.
Tracks selected, compiled, and mixed by J.Blow.


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