The Fam Royal podcast is back with some heat for ya. For this installment, Bigg Hipp takes the wheel and pays homage to Maspyke. Now for a little introduction from the man himself…

“I think the first time I heard of Maspyke was when Philly Phil remixed 54th Regiment. From then on I purchased any and all records I could find by them. The lyrical content might rub some people the wrong way in the current social climate, so if you are easily offended by references to another persons religion or comments about certain peoples sexual preference choices than this mix ain’t for you. BUT… if you love good hip hop, with good beats, passionate rhymes, and thought provoking lyrical content than check this mix out. This is no multi tracked masterpiece this is 2 turntables, a mixer, Serato, and a CD recorder. Blank CDR goes in, I push record and that’s it. I got some of the tracks from Steven Flex (who also laced it with some drop and lasers!), Philly Phil, and Jeff so I want to thank all y’all for blessin’ me with good music time and time again.”

Peace –Hipp


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