Steven Flex: San Diego History Mix (Vol.1)

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I’ve been meaning to do this mix for awhile and now I finally got off my butt and did it. This is an all San Diego rap mix spanning the years 1988 to approximately 1998 give or take a year. Firstly I want to shout out Sunk Rock, check him out at The Community Service Radio… Oh and shoutout to Philly Phil (who’s should be doing an SD mix) for hooking me up with this first record on the mix.

NOTE: There’s stuff I didn’t even get to yet. Or don’t have that’s why I wanted to do this mix in conjunction with Sunk’s podcast so all of the heads that were around back then can contribute, hopefully we can make it happen. I was originally thinking that it could be an ongoing series where everyone pitches in and sends the mix to Sunk. About the sound quality: Some of these songs were taken off cassette tapes so sorry about the hiss etc… Nothing I can do about that…

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  1. The Money – DBX (1988)
    These guys would later hookup with the Vicious Beat posse and sign the first major label deal for a rap group from SD. (well I guess you could say Trick who hooked up with the Mixmasters, also signed to MCA, was the first.) Anyways their 1st single as far as I know.
  2. This is Diego (1989) & This is Diego remix (1990) – Legion of Doom
    This was probably THE crew that was from where I came up that made a little bit of noise. If i remember correctly they were doing house parties & events back in 86. It was at their dj Grandmaster LSD’s house where i first touched a pair of 1200’s. Straight from Sidro!
  3. From the Cradle to the Grave – LPSD (1990 demo tape)
    Recorded at the Dam Lab, produced by Frank Z and Just Unique. This was I think the 2nd song that we did at their home studio. I learned a lot just watching how they worked.(I just never learned how to use the sampler they let me borrow.)
  4. I’m Bout fed up – Marvee v (1990 from the Vicious Beat posse lp legalized dope)
    Produced by Frank Z
  5. Rhymin for a reason – Prhyme Suspect (1990)
    This guys made some noise when this single came out. I saw that Dj C-me rock is still around so respects out to him. Yeah the record skipped on me. SO WHAT!
  6. Give the people what they want Remix- Super Slim & Dj Candyman (1990)
    This is a remix of the song off of the Vicious Beat posse lp legalized dope. Man when I was a kid I used to live in Murphy Canon and break with Candyman & his brother (Gumby). So when I saw the video on Yo MTV raps I was hyped as hell! I wish Candyman was still a dj though. He was nice on the cuts.
  7. Cut to the beat 1- DJ GXD (1991 demo tape)
  8. Cut to the beat 2- DJ GXD (1991 demo tape)
    From an untitled demo so I just named it cut to the beat. Ok I had to show some southside love here. GXD (RIP) was a talented cat that got taken from us too soon. This was off of a demo tape he did with Mc Max. Two nice dj cut ups. Much respect to him…
  9. Who u talking to- Tony Da Skitzo (1994)
    What can I say about Skitzo? One cool ass brother who really put it down for SD and continues to. Check him out on MySpace
  10. Microphone Enhancer – Most Desh feat. King D, Icy Lee, & Jai Silk (1995)
    Blade on the beat and 4 mc’s torch the mic.
  11. As I come back- One Nation (1995? demo tape) – Peace to Cruz, Nico, Jimbo, & Jack
    This song was that shit when Cruz first gave me the tape. Sounds like Marcus B had a hand in this production but I could be wrong. One of the more underappreciated crews from SD.
  12. No Introduction- Jake one feat Kutfather (1998)
    What’s a SD mix without Kut right? He’s been an ambassador for SD hip hop since day one. Always ready to spit, always ready to spin at whatever venue he was at. Much respect. I’ll buy a round next time I see you.
  13. Skillz- Mr Brady ft. Evidence(1998?)
    Brady’s been around for a minute too and still is heavy in the mix with Deep Rooted and a Compilation in the works. Respects to Brady and Deep Rooted.
  14. Battle Battle-Icons(1998)
    SD legends, these guys were everywhere when this dropped doing shows any and everywhere. They definitely made their mark in SD and beyond. Haven’t seen any of them in a min but I heard a track they did with B-Dumm a while back. Hopefully a new lp will be out soon.
  15. Dope Transmission- The Sound Providers(1998)
    Jay Skillz, Soulo, & Profile dropped this single and quickly got picked up by ABB. Mad cool peoples, Jay and soulo continue to rep SP’s, releasing an lp with Surreal a couple of years ago.
  16. Stop the violence- The 1st String feat. Hesu Allah, Bassment, Gibraan, & Maazin Featz(1998)
    prod. by Ferb. I was feelin this east coast flavored track when it came out. Bass Black ripped it to shreds though…

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